The intergalactic musical

Another post to our series of “ideas for movies that I will never make, but maybe someone will someday”.

So a few weeks ago I remember I’ve read somewhere that Leo was visiting a space center with his girlfriend (or something like that) and this year, at my birthday, I’ve watched Hubble 3D Imax, which was on Netflix and it is narrated by Leo (every year on my birthday I try to watch a Leo movie). Then I was also checking out again an old notebook I have that I turned into a life-long diary, at a time I was reminded of my 20s, when I wanted to do so much of my life! I wanted to develop different skills and to have different career experiences, to travel around the world and make the most wonderful, many different motion pictures…

This is all to say that one of the ideas I once had was about a space musical. I mean, we do have sci-fi and some other strange things going on space, but how about a musical? Somehow Fantasia (1940) **** comes to mind, right? Nebula, different planets and stars… And do you guys remember that beautiful scene of Wall-e (2008)**** when Eve and Wall-e are dancing on the void, with a fire extinguisher? That’s just beauty.

I’m not sure exactly of the plot (sure I could think about it if stopped for a moment and gave it some thought), it could involve different alien species or spacecrafts, or only astronauts in exploration, or some grand metaphysical (Malick kind of stuff) theme… whatever. I know that musicals seemed like great fun when well done and a delight to the eyes, so I think it would be really nice.