Aug 27 dream

Dear L,

I had a dream last night. I remember just a glimpse now, but I was having a burger with this friend (the guy who is currently my boyfriend) and somehow I was waiting for you in the dream. Then you came downstairs with your entourage and stopped by me, you had already eaten and was somewhat upset with me. “Hey What’s up?”or the likes of it was what you said to me. 

Our eyes met for a long pause and deeply we look at each other and I felt, I knew, if there was anything, it was dispelled. “Let’s go”, you said.


I have dreamt other times with you and this morning I was in the bus thinking I wanted to write that story… Of star crossed lovers. In my script they would have a happy ending. 

Perhaps I should really write some stories here? Nobody will read them really but just for the fun of imagining them and writing… I guess, perhaps, I’m missing them (the imagined stories).


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