The morning after the tree house

I like reading this story (a fan fic episode)… it is so dreamy and funny. Written in March 2013.


D woke up at the tree house after that magical night, which she was not so sure if it did really happened or what. There was a note from L, “please come for breakfast at the main house when you wake up, L”. She got to the pool house, took a shower to refresh herself and the day was just so sunny and beautiful. She walked up to the kitchen of the main house, where she found L, Turtle, Kev, Haas and Nana cooking pancakes. Leo saw her coming.


L: Hey! (smile)

D: Good morning…


All the boys: Good morning.

It was a kind of funny “good morning”, as they never really proper greet her one after the other like that, in such an orderly manner, perhaps it was just an impression.


T: D, take a look at this. This house has never seen such a gorgeous breakfast like that.

K: Yeah, take a seat and enjoy. We have fruits, muscats, papaya, strawberries, yogurt, orange juice, baguettes… or Nana can cook you up pancakes.

Haas: or omelets. And there are some of these sweet pastries too… (he grabbing some)


Nana hands a plate of pancakes to Turtle, who goes for the refrigerator to get whipped cream and also grab some strawberries.


D: Wow, what happened here, Nana? Someone’s birthday?

Nana: I’ve no idea. I got up and it seems Leo woke up earlier than me. This ain’t ever happened before, believe me, young ladie.

L: Whoa… I just wanted some fresh, healthy fruit by the morning, what’s the big deal?

Haas: the big deal is that you never, ever do that. Aham.


Nana (to D): so, darling, what’s goin’ be?

D: Well, uhm, woo, everything smells so great… How about an omelet with those greeny thingies and those bits of tomatoes and bacon? Oh, and cheese!

Nana: comin’ right up!


While Nana gets herself to work, D goes get a glass for orange juice.


K: so, lady D, what are the big plans for today?

D: what you mean? Today is my day off. Look at this beautiful sky out there… I will do absolutely nothing.

Haas: what? No, no, no, that’s impossible. You’re gonna work on something. You’re always working on something.

D: well, not today. Look at this sunny Sunday. [smiles] Today, you boys have Leo all by yourselves. I’ll be by the pool or just lay lazy somewhere.


And so the conversation went on. Well, obviously that sweet breakfast was not a casual thing, Leo was feeling really happy too for some reason, and deep down there what he really wanted to do was to spend lazily the day with D. But, the boys would obviously not let that happen. He would’ve to go along with them for whatever fun they were supposed to have buying new outfits or arguing with Artie, or trying golf.


That was okay. At night, as all the nights, he would go to the pool house and maybe he and D would have ice-cream and watch something on TV or a movie. Only… well, he guessed, maybe they would have to talk about what happened the night before. Probably she would want that, right? Would she?




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