Yo soy Betty, la fea

So this post I was reading was by the time I was watching again on TV the Colombian (original) version of “Ugly Betty” soap opera. For some reason, I really like that show, it was so simple and naive, and so poorly made, but delightful.

And here it is the best part of the post:

“You see, even if I am not the tall, blonde, rich, popular top he always dates, I would have something else important to him. Just like Betty was mocked by everyone (and she herself is conscious about her looks getting in the way); just like Cinderella had to make over; just like Belle had to see the essence and the Beast had to prove deep down there he had a kind heart and was worthy of Belle’s heart… My story would go in a mixture of all these stories, the pure and sweet girl, devoted and kind, romantic and loyal, that would be exactly the girl that he needed, only didn’t realize before. In time, L would see how he loved to be around D, he would enjoy her company at any time, appreciate her hard-working posture, her simplicity and how she could be happy with simple things life had to offer, how she would make him a better person, how she would be always willing to listen, how she would face problems and try to overcome them, how she would bring his spirits peace, how she would always try to be in a good mood, how she would always be by his side. Eventually, how he loved to hug her and kiss her. How he would love her truly.”


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