if we were to meet for real

I was re-reading some old posts I had written for this blog in the past, and there are a few I quite like actually. I’m always (during my life) imagining how would it be if Leo and I were to meet in real life and get together. Then, there was this post in 2013 which pretty much sums it up and I was impressive the story didn’t change much til today.

It would be like…


I would already know Japanese, English, Spanish and Portuguese, so I would be Leo’s translator for this special event. He would have meetings and get to know some of our initiatives, and there would be a gala where he would receive an award for his contribution to the world by his activities concerning the environment. We would become friends and enjoy talking to each other. These conversations would be extended by emails after I got back to Brazil and he would invite me to be his interpreter again, for a trip visiting different states and to meet different places with social and environmental initiatives.

Then, we get to be close friends and he would offer me an opportunity to be the editor for a documentary series, and to go along with him and crew to different countries to shoot these scenes. After months on the road, we would do final cuts in LA. And then we would realize we care much for each other…

And it wouldn’t matter to him anymore if I didn’t look like a model or had the glamour of Hollywood celebrities. I would support him and encourage him to a more fulfilling life, our differences would actually combine to the benefit of both of us, and we would also had lots of fun, cause together we would always have a new idea, we could talk about everything and nothing, cause we’d both love to travel, get to know new places, people and things, we would have our adventures, we would enjoy each other’s company so much. Maybe I wouldn’t be the ideal girl everyone would expect for him, but I would be someone reliable and caring, whom he could always trust and have by his side.

There would be a time I would help him get through an acting process, for which he would finally be nominated and win that award. And up there on the stage, he would propose, to which I, in tears, would obviously and happily accept.

We would get married. There would be media disbelief, press manipulation, headlines and special interviews (which funds gone as donation for a good cause). But it would be true, indeed. And we would travel all over the world, getting involved in different social initiatives. And we would have kids, twins (a girl and a boy).

We would lead a healthy life and we would love each other despite arguments, routine, hardships, unexpected circumstances and envy. We would grow older, having good friends and good times. And die peacefully.

Yep. That’s how it goes. That’s the life of LD.

Love you, Darling, always.



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